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Welcome to JiMetrics

My name is Haidong Ji. I created this site to share and improve automation tools that I wrote for server and database management. These tools have been very useful to me, for purposes like:

  • Server administration
  • Storage management
  • Software patching and upgrade, including operating system patching and upgrade
  • Performance tuning
  • Asset reporting and asset management
  • Etc.

Currently the focus is on Windows servers and Microsoft SQL Server. Most of the tools were written in PowerShell. Metrics data is collected via PowerSehll jobs in SQL Server and stored there as well.

You may ask, aren't there free tools for this already, such as Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit? I've tested and used MAP in the past and I feel it is unnecessarily complex and cumbersome. There are also commercial tools from various vendors, but I feel they have a heavy footprint. And similar to MAP Toolkit, they are cumbersome as well. Therefore I wrote my own.

I have tools and utilities written in other languages such as Python and Perl, but they are not ready to be published on this site yet. If you are interested in checking out some of that, feel free to browse my repos.

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